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TheKrillMiracle Softgels - 60 Gels

Product code: 1279

The Krill Miracle is a dietary supplement of ultra-pure omega fatty acids formulated to promote wellness and longevity. Now using Superba2 Krill oil purified to remove 99% of TMAO. A balanced fatty acid nutrition, with added ingredients to support normal immune function, may aid cardiovascular health, joint mobility, brain function, and skin health.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Omega 3 fatty acids have a powerful anti-inflammatory action and can be used to support overall health and wellbeing.

Certified Sustainable Seafood (MSC)
SuperbaBoost is certified by MSC as being 100% traceable from sea to capsule. MSCs traceability certification provides assurance to commercial buyers and consumers that MSC-certified products can be traced through the supply chain back to their origin.


Vegetarian Yes
Vegan No
Brand Good Health Naturally
Product Code 1279