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Pukka Menopause Serenity - 60 caps

Product code: 15993

Description: Menopause Serenity is a nourishing, organic blend of botanicals targeted to help support your menopausal journey. With a plant based Vitamin B complex for hormonal balance and vegan vitamin D for bone health.

Taken every day this expertly blended formula will help you stay cool, calm and energised, restoring vitality and vigour throughout the menopausal transition.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules a day (600mg per capsule) with water.

Ingredients: Shatavari root* 31%, Sage leaf* 19%, Shatavari root wholistic extract*10%, Ashwagandha root*, Turmeric root wholistic extract*, Ashwagandha root wholistic extract*, Aloe Vera juice concentrate*, Seagreens®Arctic fresh seaweed*, Vitamin D2 (Mushroom)*3%, Spirulina*, Ginger root*. * = Organic = Contains non organic anti-caking agent-silicon dioxide.

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes
Brand Pukka
Product Code 15993