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Nascent Iodine - 1 fl.oz / 30ml

Product code: 1011

Naturally Better Nascent Iodine
Many have called it an "epidemic." Health conditions like ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, autoimmune thyroid disorders, and cancers of the thyroid, breast, ovaries, and uterus can often be caused by iodine deficiency. All cells in the body utilise the critical mineral iodine and rely on it for daily function. Nascent iodine in its atomic form -- consumable and paramagnetic -- is highly preferable to its molecular form. This is the form of iodine that is well-recognised by the thyroid and easily used

Best Taken With Ionic Selenium
For maximum benefit, Nascent Iodine is best taken with Ionic Selenium. Selenium acts as a co-factor to help the body to utilize the Iodine. Plus, Selenium is a vital mineral for the thyroid, and is just as important as iodine, so you want to ensure a good balance of the two

Iodine 350 mcg Other Ingredients: Alcohol.

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Brand Good Health Naturally
Product Code 1011