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Marigold Bouillon Powder - Reduced Salt, Vegan, Yeast Free - Purple - 1 kg

Product code: LJ164

Description: This bouillon is instantly soluble in hot water and adds flavour to soups stews and sauces.

Nutritional Information:
Typical Information per 100g
Kcal 320g
Protein 12.5g
Carbohydrates 39g
of which sugars 3.1g
Fat 11.8g
of which saturates 6g
Fibre 0g
Sodium 11.24g

Ingredients: Hydrolised vegetable protein ( soya, maize ),  potato starch, sea salt, palm oil, vegetables 10% (parsnips, onions, carrots, leeks) maize starch, parsley, celery seed, turmeric, white pepper, garlic, mace, lovage, nutmeg.

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes
Organic No
Fairtrade No
Brand Marigold
Product Code LJ164